Happy Families

Read what our families have to say.

We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies.


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"Sammy is doing wonderful, been to vet with good bill of health. Staff loves him as much as we do. He is growing and learning every day. Will try to send you pics, have cute video of his first dig in the dirt! Taking a break from digging. He only did it once but what a good time he had!"



"Hank is loving life in the Pacific NW. We now have a backyard which he loves compared to apartment life and we're only three blocks away from the dog park. We go to the park everyday at noon and can set our watch to Hank laying by the door at 11:45 saying "let's go!". The park picture attached is him after a muddy day at the park, he had fun. The other picture is him after his first haircut, we didn't recognize him when we picked him up from the groomers! Hank has been a wonderful addition to our family. We're constantly wondering what we did and what we talk about before we had him in our lives."




"I thought you might like to see a couple of "updated" pictures that I took of Zach yesterday. He's so much fun and game for just about anything. He earned his cookies, for posing as "Santa Dog".  All the best to you, your family and your wonderful dogs for a happy, healthy 2014!"



"We have one of the beloved Dawgy Doodles...our pup Jackson is a Goldendoodle and he is awesome! Highly recommend this breeder. Here are some recent photos of Jackson! He has grown up to be a very big, sweet, goofy, stubborn boy.   The kids and I (and Mitul) love him so much and am so thankful we got to be his family!"




"Hey! The puppy is great! We named her Sadie and she has fit right into our family. Our other dogs just love her also. I will send pics soon. Thanks for checking on her."


Sweet Chaco

"Hi James!! Sweet Chaco is doing wonderful. She is happy, calm and found a best friend in our other doodle Riley. They play so well together. My kids love her and she loves them.  Here is a few recent pics of our precious fur baby!"




"We have always had golden retrievers in the past and loved them. However, when our last retriever passed away, I began doing research on dogs that were better for people with allergies. My son and I are allergic to dogs, so when the time care to choose another dog, I was careful to make a decision that would reduce our sensitivities. I am not only allergic to the dander but also the saliva. I am proud to report that I am not at all allergic to Samson's (F1) saliva. He can give me all the kisses he wants and I gladly let him...