Happy Families


Read what our families have to say.

We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies.


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"Today is Nunnley's 1st Birthday and we thought you would enjoy seeing some of his birthday pictures. A year ago who would have thought he would be such a great addition to our family. The highlights of his first year were moving from Hickman County to Alabama, trips to the beach, trips to Nashville, graduating from all 4 of his puppy classes, going to doggy daycare to play with dog friends, and going to work at the golf course with Larry several times each week. Nunnley now thinks he works...as well.  It has been a fun first year with Nunnley and we can't wait to see what this year brings for him.  Thanks"

Melanie and Larry


"Here are some pictures of Oliver's 1st birthday party! He's our pride and joy...And the best little furry sidekick!"




"Just wanted to show you our Murphy...and how much she has grown. We love her so much...She has adapted well, and our children adore her. She is so smart and well behaved too!!! Thank you so much for making our match successful!!!"



"Here's a recent photo of our Jax - sitting with his beloved toys. Boy, does he love to play. He's energetic, smart, very lovable, and gets countless compliments on how cute he is. And he's growing like a weed. He was around 15 lbs when we got him nearly 7 weeks ago, and he's over 25 lbs now...We will be visiting family in South Florida during the next couple holiday weeks, taking Jax with us to meet the rest of our extended clan. We're sure he'll win their hearts over like he has ours.  We're so grateful for having him."

Sherry and Gary



"I really wanted to let you know just how happy our Rosie makes this family. I didn't know just how much we could love her, she is a big part of our family. We joke about how she is just like a little human with all her expressions and the way she uses her paws like hands. Rosie is one spoiled baby and we love it, but yes she can be naughty and mischievous, but we would't trade her for anything. As you know my husband was not fully on board when I decided this was the breed for us but he adores her and she adores him!! It's really funny to see them together. Our oldest daughter is not happy to be going off to college in about a year only to lose Rosie, she wanted her to go with her but that's not going to happen.  As you know we have a special needs daughter, and Rosie is the first dog we've had that doesn't run from her. Yes, she is still a little rough with her but she is still only a puppy...our daughter and Rosie have a great relationship.  



"Many thanks for the e-mail. The puppies are beyond precious. Maybe someday we will get another. Doc is now a year and a half. Perfect disposition, beautifully behaved and much loved. Everyone that sees him says he is by far, the most beautiful doodle ever...even people like our groomer who cuts 90% of the doddles in Nashville.  We would trade nothing about him, but thought you might want to know that he is weighing 52 pounds, instead of the expected 25. He is as lean as can be, just a little bigger than expected. Good luck with your beautiful puppies. 

Buzz and Pat



"As I promised you attached herewith you will find Kevin's photos. They are quite recent. Kevin is going on very well. He is two years old now, he is an adult now and he is a wonderful male.  We get along with him very well, he is very sweet and just a little bit too jealous. Look at them and them let me know what you think about Kevin looks gorgeous, doesn't he?  Please feel free to keep in touch whenever you want, I'm really pleased to hear from you.  Many greets to James and Lora.



"I am mailing you a copy of the vet's neutering receipt for Beau. He's recovering well from his surgery. He's a great dog, full of energy and loves playing every day with his brother Teddy (who also got neutered this week).  I will probably take him to agility classes in a few months. He's very smart and loves to learn..He goes to doggie day care twice a week to play with the other dogs and loves it."




"I received your email, I felt soooo touched Bella changed our families life.  It was originally for my son Jauden but even my 75 years mother is so in love with Bella. I definitely need to get another one."

Rojas Family


"I just wanted to reach out and give you an update on Cooper Bivens. He is doing great and brings us joy every single day. He has grown up with our 3 year old son and they play with each other as much as possible. I have attached some pics. I am also looking to give him a brother and curious on when your next litter will be available. We would prefer a goldendoodle that is in the standard size range. But any descendant of Cooper would be nice as well.

Thank you 




"We purchased boy red in late March 2014 and named him Lewis. We are absolutely loving him! Lewis is a ball of energy with so much love and joy. He is a curious pup and always seems to get into mischief - always way too cute to ever get upset  He is 4.5 months old and weighs 31 lbs! He lost his front two teeth and his new teeth grew in immediately, giving him a buck tooth look haha! He loves running around in the yard and getting the newspaper in the morning. We took him camping recently, and he loved every minute of his 5 mile hike through the woods. He was such a trooper and only began to tire out at the last 5 minutes! His color has lightened quite a bit, but it is gorgeous and now we wouldn't want it any other way. He has been such a fun addition to our family, and we are so grateful for the healthy puppy we purchased from Dawgy Doodles.

The Coppens Family


"Hey Guys! Hope all is well! I took Calla to the vet on Thursday and she got her 1st shot. She gets her rabies in 2 weeks. She's almost 7 pounds and she's adorable. She is getting so big, but she's a smart dog so she's learning pretty quickly."




"Louie is happy and healthy. He is 16 lbs and is so calm and intelligent! He learns everything very, very quickly. We are so happy that he is part of our family!"



"We have so enjoyed our f1b goldendoodle we got from you in May. We call her Bundle and would love to have another some day, so we just kept checking back on your site. 

Bundle is truly an unusual dog, and we have met others who got dogs from you and feel the same way. We've included some recent pictures of our girl. The second on was after she was groomed. She is more wonderful than we ever expected and we love her very much.  

Thank you for our precious girl!!




"I have included two recent pictures of Nunnley as well as his diploma from his second puppy class. We start our next series of classes on Monday. 

He is beginning to enjoy swimming. He spends his days going to the golf course to work with Larry. If Larry is seen without Nunnley everyone ask where his helper is that day. If he does not go to the golf course he will go to school and play with his friends or stay home and relax. We continue to enjoy Nunnley."

Melanie and Larry


Just wanted to let you know that Oliver is doing really well and is loved by many. We are happy to say that he was quick to potty train and barks when he wants to go out. He sleeps through the night without issue and has done that since the second week we had him. He was sleeping with us but has grown too much and gets hot. He has taken over the fireplace hearth as his. He adores people of all ages and his friends next door who love him and visit almost daily, including a 10 lbs dog named Lucky.......

Penny and Bernie



"Here is a picture of Barley. He is the sweetest dog in the world! We love him dearly. He is so well behaved and loves everyone and loves being around other dogs. We spoil him with lots of toys and lots of love! We already get compliments from so many people about how cute and well behaved he is. Thank you!!

I am emailing you to ask if you have any doodle puppies available now or in the near future. We purchased Barley from you a year ago and we live in Illinois and you delivered him to us last September. He is an AMAZING puppy and we all love him so much. We have a family member that is interested in getting a puppy and they fell in love with Barley immediately when they met him. If you do have pups can you send me the information on cost and any pictures you might have. Thanks again for breeding such amazing dogs. Barley has added so much to our family! Hope to hear from you soon."



"Daisy is great. We all love her very much. She fits right into our family.  She loves to ride in the car to go pick up the kids. We are very happy with her. Thanks so much."




"Maggie is doing very well and she has brought a lot of joy to our home. Our 3 year old Mini-doodle, Buster, plays with her non-stop and they have a great"friendship.""

Shaun and Stephanie