Waiting List Policy

Dawgy Doodles Waiting List Policy

 As a courtesy to our customers, we are currently not asking for a deposit to adopt one of our puppies, or to be added to our waiting list for a puppy from a future litter. We are taking you on good faith; that you are seriously interested in one of our puppies, and that once you are placed on our waiting list, you intend to follow through with eventually adopting one of our puppies. 

If, at anytime, while you are on our waiting list, you find that are unable to take one of our puppies; we ask that you IMMEDIATELY email us to let us know. We ask that you look over, and review our contract on our website (https://www.dawgydoodles.com/pricing.html) prior to being placed on our waiting list, so that you fully understand all the terms of the contract. You will be placed on our waiting list according to the date of your reply to this email. This reply must be sent directly to our info@dawgydoodles address; NOT as a message via our Dawgy Doodles website. 

You will need to include in your reply: 

 Type of puppy that you were looking for; i.e.; color, gender, and desired mature weight/size. 

 Time frame/range, in which you are looking to adopt your puppy. 

Shortly after a litter that best matches your puppy preferences becomes available; we will contact you to inquire if you are interested in a puppy from that particular litter. You will need to email us back within 24 hours to let us know if you would be interested in a puppy, or if you wish to wait, and choose from a future litter. We will then notify the next family on the list after you, and so on and so on. Your delayed response would hold up this process. 

**Please note this point of contact will NOT be the actual time to choose your puppy. This is the first step in our puppy selection process. 

When the litter of puppies is approximately four weeks old, we will post their photos on our website. At this time we will go down our waiting list, and contact families to choose their puppies according to their order on our waiting list. We will then contact you when it is your turn on the waiting list, to choose your puppy from the ones that are available. You will need to choose your puppy  within 24 hours from the time of our contact, so that we can move onto the next family. If you do not choose your puppy within 24 hours, we will move to the next family on the waiting list. 

After you have chosen your puppy, we will email your contract to you, for you to electronically sign. Once this contract is signed, we will use this as your promise to pick up your puppy. Please note that we require a 48 hour cancellation notice; subject to $150 cancellation fee, which will be billed to you, in the event that you fail to pick up for your puppy without contacting us before 48 hours prior. 

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances and emergencies arise; however we believe that 48 hours notice is a reasonable amount of time. All we ask is that you extend us this courtesy, and contact us ahead of time if you need to cancel or reschedule the puppy pick up time. 

**Exceptions can be made, subject to our discretion, should an extreme emergency situation occur, that would prevent you from picking up your puppy. 

If you have read and reviewed the contents of this policy; and you understand and agree to the terms of our Dawgy Doodles Waiting List Policy, we ask the you reply directly to this email; as your email will be our receipt of your agreement to this policy and commitment to your puppy. 

Should you have any questions about our Waiting List Policy or Puppy Contract, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@dawgydoodles.com.